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Kleopatra prompts for signing cert when sending signed email, even when told not to
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Use Outlook and GPGOL to send a signed email message.

Kleopatra shows the "Select Certificate For Message "<Subject>" - Kleopatra" dialog, showing exactly one available OpenPGP certificate and no available S/MIME certificates.

Expected behavior is that the selection dialog will not be shown.

In Settings -> Kleopatra -> Crypto Operations, the option "Don't confirm signing certificate if there is only one valid certificate for the identity" is checked.

Also attempted to check "Only show this dialog in case of conflicts (experimental)", which did not change the behavior. That checkbox remains checked on the next attempt, and the dialog still shows.


3.0 beta 299

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False alarm, this should be closed. It was caused by enabling SMIME support in GPGOL while the sender only had an OpenPGP cert, no SMIME cert. Hence Kleopatra threw a message that it could not unambiguously determine the right cert, then offers only one cert (OpenPGP) for user.

If there is any action to be done here it might be to show a more detailed message that an SMIME operation was attempted but no SMIME cert can be found for sender.

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Well the key resolution handling and dialog needs some love. Thats on the todo. But this issue here can be resolved as the op says.