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GpgEX fails with GPG4Win 3
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I just upgraded from Gpg4Win 2.3.4 to version 3.0 and now I cannot sign or check signatures anymore. I use Win 7 (64bit) and after right-clicking in the file explorer I select "more GpgEX options" and then e.g. "Prüfen". As result I get this error:

So Kleopatra doesn't start.

With GPG4Win this Kleopatra starts fine.



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Hey, while installing the new Version for checking T3476, you may can check if this issue still persists as well?

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To keep the tracker clean I'm closing this as a duplicate of T3476 since both problems are very much related. GpgEx would print Internal Error if Kleopatra crashes or behaves unexpectedly.

Many thanks! This bug is fixed in Gpg4win 3.0.1.