Creating a 2nd keypair
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I have tried numerous times to recreate the keypairs, but it seems that after the first time, if I tried again, it seems to take forever, not sure if you want to call this a bug or what. I found out if I restarted my server, then it goes back through recreating a new set of keypairs, it takes maybe 5 minutes. So, to me it seems as if there is a problem with it running in memory for a long time, this is going through Kleopatra. If I do this through cmd line then is goes much faster. Or maybe you could shed some light as to why it does this, thank you.


ThomasWG created this task.Nov 3 2017, 5:35 PM
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Please explain what you mean by "recreate the keypairs". What do you mean by "server" - are you using gpg4win on a headless Windows installation?

The OS runs Windows 2008 R2 , on a Oracle's Virtualbox, so I wouldn't consider this being a headless Windows installation, why? When you first create your keypairs it goes pretty fast usually under 5 mins. But if you recreate or try an create a new keypair it never completes, takes 20+ minutes or longer. But if you shut down the OS, or restart the OS, and try it again then it completes in under 5 mins.

werner added a comment.Nov 6 2017, 3:26 PM

Can you try to kill the gpg-agent process from the task manager before you create the second keypair? If that helps the problem might be the same as T3378. Are you creating a standard key (ie. rsa2048) or something else?

I'll try that when it happens again. Thanks

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Priority Low as it's partly a question and We can't reproduce (for me keygen is reasonably fast)