GPG: Batch keygen has no default expiry date
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I know I know I should use the quick-gen API in the future. But existing software uses the batch keygen api.

The problem here is that the behavior is different regarding the expiry date. For quick-gen / gen key with gnupg we have a default expiry. And then For batch keygen we don't. Example:

key-type:      RSA
key-length:    2048
key-usage:     sign,encrypt
name-real:     expiry-test

Generates a key without expiry.

This leads to Kleopatra / KMail generating keys without expiry dates by default and has been reported as a bug there.



Hmm. I am fine changing this for master. But for 2.2 I am nut sure. Asking on gnupg-devel?

Ok for me to just have it in master. It should be fixed but is not super important imo.