"GnuPG MiniHOWTO" English version page unavailable
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This is related to GnuPG site, but I found no better place to report it.

To reproduce it:

  1. Open gnupg.org
  1. In the menu above, click in the item "Documentation > HOWTOs"
  1. In the "GnuPG MiniHOWTO" section (the first), in the first option ("as on-line browsable HTML files"), click in the "en" link. This link points to:


  1. Using Firefox, after a few seconds, an error page with the following message appeared:

Wrong redirect

Firefox detected the server is redirecting the request to this address in a way that will never end.

This problem can be caused by disabling ou refusing to accept cookies.

And I say: cookies were not disabled. So there is something wrong with whoever is hosting this GPG page.


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Sorry, we can't do anything about it. It is a link to an external site.

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In any case those old howtos need some rework.

But you could host those pages instead of depending only on a site that does not work! Can't you?

I found it searching documention and guides in the official GPG pages, expecting that is potentially better than other places around the web.

Well yes. However I had an agreement with Brenno to link to his site. I'll ping him.

Anyway, the HOWTO needs to be reworked.

All right. Please put a comment here when it is back.

And if the rework you mention needs some help with fairly simple things, I may help it.

Thank you for your attention

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As of November 2020, the redirect problem has gone.
And we addressed that as "Legacy GnuPG MiniHOWTO" in rDd51cd2013e66: web: Add warning notes to most HOWTOS..