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GpgOL: Crash when sending a crypto mail
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I now received two reports from users that this happens for them regularly.

Todo here:

  • Find out why their setup differs from other users.
  • Get gpgol.log to figure out if communication with kleopatra works.
  • Get gpgol.log to maybe see in debug info why it crashes.



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From one user I have received a debug log of the current beta where it apparently crashes in the dtor of the mail object after send.

I tried hard to reproduce the crash somehow and looked at the code. So far I can neither see any problem in the code nor could I reproduce a crash.

I'm closing this as I've got confirmation that one crash was fixed by disabling async encryption again. And a class of general "Crash when encrypting" bugs that were related to the communication between Kleopatra and GpgOL no longer exists as Kleopatra is no longer used when encrypting from GpgOL in gpg4win 3.1.0.

And in general this issues is a bit to unspecific to be useful.