Suggest possible choices instead to error out on a typo
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with the debian 2.2.3-1 package, i'm seeing:

0 dkg@alice:/tmp/cdtemp.KhERQL$ gpg --quick-gen-key 'Test <>' futuredefault
gpg: Key generation failed: Unknown elliptic curve
2 dkg@alice:/tmp/cdtemp.KhERQL$
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Any fix for this should be included in the test suite to avoid a regression :)

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It is


and not


All unknown strings are taken as EC names and thus the error message.

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When i read the manpage, nroff-formatted against an 80-column terminal, it says, literally:

If  algo or usage are given, only the primary key is created and
 no prompts are shown.  To specify an expiration date  but  still
 create  a  primary  and  subkey  use  ``default''  or  ``future-
 default'' for algo and ``default'' for usage.  For a description
 of  these  optional  arguments  see the command --quick-add-key.
 The usage accepts also the value ``cert'' which can be  used  to
 create  a  certification  only  primary key; the default is to a

so at least this hyphen should be made a non-breaking hyphen in the documentation.

another reasonable resolution would be if futuredefault were an alias for future-default.

finally, a friendly approach would be to use Levenshtein distance against known labels when an unmatched name appears.

This kind of user-friendliness is not unprecedented. for example:

0 dkg@alice:~$ git sendemail origin/master
git: 'sendemail' is not a git command. See 'git --help'.

The most similar command is
1 dkg@alice:~$
werner added a comment.Jan 1 2018, 3:12 PM

I added "futuredefault" as an alias and also made the matching case-insensitiv. Changing the rendering is not easy because using a non-breaking hyphen in @code{} would not look very nice.

I considered to print a hint like in git but that would require to write and test quite some new code because git is GPLv2only. Any hints where I can snatch some GPLv2+ code?

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