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Kleopatra: Profile GUI element should be improved
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The current GUI element for activating a profile in Kleopatra does not provide a good User Experience.

The issues with the dropdown are:

  1. It looks like the profiles are mutually exclusive (they are not, automatic and VS-NfD can be combined)
  2. It is not obvious if a profile is already active.
    1. After activating a profile the dropdown switches back to "default (Voreinstellung)" indicating that the default profile is active.

For number 1 one could imagine something like checkboxes or buttons to indicate that multiple profiles have the same "rank" and can be combined e.g. through toggled buttons or checkboxes.

Number 2 Is more difficult and would be required for the toggle state of any buttons or checkboxes. It is difficult for Kleopatra to find out if a profile is active. Currently it would need to parse the profile file and then look up all the mentioned options in there to check if they are set in the way that the profile specifies. Gpgconf does not report if a profile is active.



Revisions and Commits

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The field is now renamed to "Activate GnuPG Profile" to make it more clear the the button activates a new profile.

The first item in the combo box is now also empty to avoid confusion that the wrong profile is active.

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