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Text "Trusted Sender Address" misleading/incomplete
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When displaying a signed email message in Outlook, the below info message is shown to the user:

Trusted Sender Address

However, this is incomplete.

A signed message is not only from a "Trusted Sender," but it is also content that has not been tempered with ("Unmodified content") while in transit.

I suggest to add such a text to the info message shown to the Outlook user.

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Depends: Not everything you see has been protected by the signature. Thus such a description would need to go into more detail.

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We are always looking for ways to improve the messaging but the idea here was no keep it as simple as possible.

For me "Trusted Sender" says that I can trust that the "Claimed Sender" actually sent this message. This implies that the message has not been tempered with while in transit. (As it would not be from a trusted sender in that case). The text is already quite long because we have to explain a bit why we have a "Trusted Sender". Adding "Unmodified content" in there would complicate things.

E.g. you could have "Unmodified content" from an untrusted sender (a signature that you don't trust) etc. I would like to keep it simpler in a binary state. Well with the trust levels we offer some additional states but mainly its:

  • You can trust that the message was really sent by the person / mail address claimed in the message. -> E.g you can then follow instructions in that mail.
  • You can't trust ^ and should be skeptical

For this IMO the only Information that is relevant to make that decision is conveyed in "Trusted Sender".

We also try to explain that a bit on unsigned mails what they are missing. (you cannot be sure who sent or modified this message)

Sorry but I'm leaning here to Wontfix.

I can understand your reasoning, it makes sense.

Thanks for looking into it and the discussion around.

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