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Strange GUI artefacts left after sending email
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Using GpgOL 2.0.6 in OL 2016 Plus (16.0.4549.1000) 64-bit under Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit (Release 1607).

Sometimes when I sent a message signed with GpgOL, after the "Compose" window closed, there would be "remains" of said "Compose" window. It looks like a "skeleton" window. This window can't be closed with "Esc," but it can be closed with the "close" icon in the top-right corner.

I don't know which more details to provide. Please guide me what else I could provide to support tracking this down.



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aheinecke added a subscriber: aheinecke.

I have not seen this. But I suspect that it would be fixed if our encryption no longer causes Outlook to become "unresponsive". I'm already working on this for T3509 and have a development version which already does the encryption in a way that the pinentry / key resolution are just a modal dialog over outlook and no longer block the GUI of Outlook completely.

So I hope this issue will also be fixed by that.

With 3.1 ( ) the problem should be gone. We still have to block outlook when the inline editor is used but that left no artifacts in the past. And if a Mail Window is opened we do not block outlook anymore. We only disable it to show a modal dialog.

I got beta feedback which after analysis showed that parts of the encrypt changes in 3.1 that would have addressed this lead to crashes. So we had to disable it for now and block Outlook again as temporary blocking is better then "random" crashing :-((

The task to fix / reanable async encryption is T3838

I'll keep this issue open, it might still be fixed with 3.1 as we do many things differently when encrypting, including the window management.