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GpgOL: Support Web Key Service publishing
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GpgOL Should support web key service key publishing e.g. Posteo to further advance the usage of Web Key Directory (which it uses as a client) and Web Key Services.



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My current idea is that if GpgOL detects that the provider supports a web key service and one of the following is true:

  • There is no published key
  • The published key can't be found in the keyring
  • The published key has a different expiry / revocation status then the key with the same fingerprint in the keyring.


  • There is one valid secret key with a mailbox for the WKS Service

It will show a second button next to the secure button which would start the publishing process.
Once the initial publishing is done that button would then disappear.

With the reworked encryption from T3509 it would be easy. The biggest technical challenge is probably to programatically create a new mail.

My first GUI Idea does not work. From the Ribbon I don't see a way to find the currently used account. I could only look at all accounts that are configured and check the WKS publishing state for all of them.

My next approach will be to check when encrypting / signing and bring up a Message Box afterward.

I thought a bit about putting this into libkleo but I don't think that is such a good solution and would rather have it in GpgOL. For example for the translations and in GpgOL we have to do the publishing anyway as only there we can send mails.

The good news is that programatically creating / sending a mail looks good and should work.

Basic support is in. Maybe we should open a task on how to improve it.