missing high DPI support in GPG4Win installer
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Installing GPG4Win on a laptop with a high resolution shows blurred installer text.

It seems GPG4Win uses NSIS for the installer. If yes, the fix is then just to add this:

enable support for high DPI resolution

ManifestDPIAware true

Requires NSIS 3.x. See http://nsis.sourceforge.net/Reference/ManifestDPIAware for reference.

While we are at it, if the installer uses not already Unicode this should be enabled with this:

make it a Unicode installer

Unicode true

See http://nsis.sourceforge.net/Reference/Unicode for reference.


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Thanks for the hints.
The problem for us is that we want to rely on Debian Stable for building Gpg4win and there is only NSIS 2.51 in debian :-/ Maybe we make an exception and package NSIS 3 ourself for debian.

there is only NSIS 2.51 in debian

NSIS 3 was released 9 months ago. I don't know why Debian should not upgrade. I am a Win-only user but you could maybe request this update to the Debian developers.

Note also that NSIS 3 is the first version with full Unicode support. This allows to fully localize the installer. Thanks to this I was able to create an installer fully translated to Arabic for my projects.

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About Debian: Stable releases are only updated for bug fixes and not for new features. This is an important for almost all production systems. Rolling release distros do not provide a platform which can be used to replicate use cases or problems.

I think the problem is more that NSIS uses this arcane build system which makes it hard to cross compile.
NSIS 3.0 is also not in experimental.

I'll probably give it a go to package for debian.