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New website design
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We need to have a new site design and a concrete CSS-only implementation. This is a task for the Verein.

Event Timeline

The pages of the Verein shall use a different layout than the general pages.

At end of 2018 we had a talk with designer Markus Maier in the Düsseldorf Office.
The issue was handled as well.

Please provide a summary of the talk.

What are the next steps here?

Just trying to find out who spoke about _which_ website _exactly_. Obviously, it wasn't just about GnuPG e.V.

During a meeting with Werner today agreed:

  • All content under should be handled by Verein
  • Metazoa should write an offer regarding

(- Markus Meier is working for gnupg._com_!)
Contact to Metazoa already running. Will update Ingo Bläser.

Metazoa (Ingo Bläser) quote busy. Promised to send an offer with a brief concept "in March". I will ping him.