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gpg frontend support to setup KDF DO
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Now, scdaemon supports KDF DO, if the card support is available.
It should be supported by gpg command line, somehow.

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Something like this script should be implemented by gpg frontend:

It doesn't work because I did mistake for the salt of reset code, it should be 8-byte instead of 4-byte.
Here is a fixed version, which I tested with Gnuk 1.2.8:

Sorry again. My script was still wrong (didn't work).

Here is a final script, which works for my Gnuk Token version 1.2.8.
I confirmed it's working well.
The fix are (1) a typo of hex value: 02->82, (2) s2k count should be in hex.

I realized that: once KDF-DO is written to smartcard/token, factory-reset command won't work because it assumes standard PIN format than hashed.

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gniibe changed the task status from Open to Testing.Mar 22 2018, 7:59 AM

2.2.6 will have this feature in --card-edit, as kdf-setup. Please test.