Clarify suggestion for diskperf
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A users reported with 3.0.3 that he/she got hints like

"NOTE: you should run 'diskperf -y' "

and wasn't sure what it meant.
We shall clarify, if and how important that suggestion is.

Maybe: "optionally enable access to disk stats for a little bit more entropy (when in doubt: ignore)"

Or : "the disk stats are an important source of entropy (used for random numbers) please enable them if you can."

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It is not an error or even a warning but just a NOTE. Thus the user should decide. it is not even translated and most systems this is enabled anyway.

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Got the question about this note from a user (in a internal email) and I see the problem that users do not have enough information to decide this. They do not know what the consequences of this note are (and suspect it to be the cause of error of they see it together with other problems). So to me it is more than a 'wish' as it will generate questions and leaves users in a situation where they cannot progress by their own in most of the situations.

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