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Kleopatra: Improve refresh-keys
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Noted by several users: Refresh keys does not work too well.

The status update should be improved and a clear "Done" should be emitted. A nicer, non technical, GUI should probably also be added. E.g. a progressbar with estimated time left. A good (working) cancel button. And a "Details" button that would show the current output of the GnuPG Process. There are also reports of encoding errors.

There is also the wish to refresh a single key in the certificate details and to download all keys that signed a specific key (might be a subtask).

We need to extend GPGME for this to work properly without a GnuPG Process call.

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A reason we did not touch it in the past is that Ideally we don't want users to have to mess with refresh keys but would rather have this done automatically in the background by dirmngr.

Are you asking for a way to --refresh-keys via GPGME? IF so shall that be a syncronous thing or just a trigger. Note that we the last update time is already part of gpgme_key_t and can thus be used to check whether a trigger worked.
Anyway this will be a larger change and may need gpg support.

Mh, we can probably drop the GPGME part of this. In the longer term I'm hoping for the automatic refresh in dirmngr. So that refresh-keys would not be needed.

To avoid mixing stuff up I keep this issue to improve the current implementation of Kleopatra a bit so that it is nicer. That was a request made by power users of Kleopatra.