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GpgOL: Automatic way to "force enable" it in the registry
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By "Force Enable" I mean to enable GpgOL even if Outlook detects it as a crashing addin and puts it on the disable list.

While it _should_ not be necessary as we want to fix every crash in GpgOL in the real world it happens. And then users have to fiddle with the registry which is not good.

Basically we want automation of:

I'm currently unsure if we should add an extra process / explicit trigger for this or just mark us as "DoNotDisable" on load.

The latter is probably better for users but seems to me that this is nasty behavior for an addin as it defeats Outlook's protection strategies.



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Hello Andre;

Apparently PpgOL (gpg4win 3.1.0) works well in some computers in the computer department, you have to trust God to work well with the end users of the institution, I wanted to ask when it comes out another version of Gpg4win for Outllok?

And I have another question; How can PpgOL be used on Iphone and Android phones? Is there any tool to decipher encrypted emails on the phone?

Thank you
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Hi Carlos,

Gpg4win 3.1.1 was released yesterday. Once you enable it it should set up the Registry automatically so that it is no longer disabled.

As for Iphone I don't really know, maybe a question for the gnupg-users mailing list, or some searching. What you want to search for is "OpenPGP" client. OpenPGP is the standard GpgOL / Gpg4win implements.

For Android I would recommend K9 mail with OpenKeychain.

Best Regards,

This was released with Gpg4win-3.1.1