GPGME: mkdefsinc segfaults on windows
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When compiling GPGME on windows with MinGW building the doc fails with:

13:55:05 /bin/sh: line 2:  5640 Segmentation fault      ./mkdefsinc -C /c/Craft/MinGWBinariesForMSVC/windows-mingw_32-gcc/build/libs/gpgme/work/gpgme-1.11.1/doc --date "`cat $incd 2>/dev/null`" gpgme.texi uiserver.texi lesser.texi gpl.texi >

I can't reproduce this myself, just was notified about this and recommended to disable doc build by hacking the Makefile on Windows.


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I need to know which of the processes segv: mkdefsinc, cat or the subshell. And a backtrace would also be very helpful.

(we don't support native building on non-Unix platforms, thus I lower the priority)