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Original report by MBB in https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=390949

After importing a signature, there seems to be no way to re-name it, you are stuck with the name the creator gave it. When that name is not obvious, it is difficult to later find back who a key beklongs to and why you imported it. (and if it can be removed)

For instance a lot of software is not signed with the name of the program, but by a company or individual developer. When verification fails it would be easier to see if you already have the certificate if you have labeled them.

When youhave many signatures, it may also be usefull to tag and filter certificates with categories, so that you can separate your software sign certificates from your work messages and your friends. (or for different pseudonyms when you need to sign for different work projects)

I have taken the liberty to create a mockup

I'm using Kleopatra on windows myself, but I assume it applies to all platforms equally.

A mockup attached to the original issue

The Problem is a bit that we would want to store this Generally in the GnuPG System and not just for Kleopatra.
We had this wish multiple times, even by a customer, but so far we did not get around to it. Our technical Idea for this was, if I remember right, to use local signatures with custom signature annotations to store this.



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This is done in 3.1.11