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gpgol stops decrypting/verifying in a certain situation
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gpg4win 3.1.1 Windows 10 x64 Pro 17134.48, Outlook 2016

Minor issue.

Important note: I'm using the beta5 dll from T3973 so this may be a regression.


  1. Send a signed/encrypted e-mail to yourself.
  2. Open the message - wait to verify / decrypt - OK, close the message.
  3. Open the message - wait a few secs for Outlook to auto-save and trigger the annoying "The properties of this message have been changed. Want to save your changes to this message?" message. Select 'no'.
  4. Now in preview the message is no longer decrypted/verified and if you open it again it won't be - the body is empty.

Workaround: Just go to a different message and come back. Debug log is here:

Btw there's a typo, but I'm not opening a new report for this :-)
windowmessages.cpp:gpgol_window_proc: Recieved user msg: 1102 - should be Received



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Thanks for the report.

I don't think its a regression. There was nothing changed related to hat.

But I've not seen this in my tests, maybe my autosave is off or somehow different, we try to avoid the "Do you want to save" questions as much as possible, as they always are a problem for us to prevent that decrypted content is saved. I'll look into it.

@Breach I was analyzing T4056 and wondered where I had seen the error from there before. And I found it in your log.

Is it possible that when viewing Mails in the Message List the GpgOL Icon is always "greyed out" for you?

I can't reproduce it. I don't get the Properties have changed dialog.

To clarify:

  • You open an encrypted received mail in an extra window and just wait?
  • After a time you then get the "Properties have changed" save dialog?