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[GpgOL] Outlook crashes when encrypting mail with attachment without file extension
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Outlook 2016 (365) crash (just close) when I try to encrypt mails with attachment but without file extension.

I attached EventMgr Logs and GnuPG Log (Regedit 1933)

Don't hesitate to ask for Teamviewer/Phone Call

Best Regards,
Erik Stomp

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Thank you for the report and the logs! A minor note: For future reports please leave the priority on "Needs Triage" we use this as a marker for issues no developer has looked at previously.

The crash is fully reproducible for me so this will be an easy fix. There is probably a problem in our "mime-type" guessing which is based on the extension.

That code is pretty old though so it is strange that this was not reported before. Anyway -> High prio as it is a reproducible crash.

aheinecke changed the task status from Open to Testing.Jun 19 2018, 9:45 AM

As expected it was a very clear bug. We assign a NULL pointer to a string and then use that string.

It is not so very old. I broke it with 94c354a0845ba4f1e29e4bc8b9d8fc4e3b8081dc in 2016

If you want you can grab a version with the fix from: (replace the gpgol.dll in the bin subfolder of gpg4win with that one)

Thank you for your fast fix!
2.2.1-beta2 works as expected!

Gpg4win-3.1.3 was released