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libgcrypt: Fix for lock behavior broken in 1.8.3
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Originally sent to gnupg-devel@, but not sure if that's going to get through so submitting here. Apologies for potential duplication.

In commit 0da4a237661cd273303ae6baaaba2d9f6292b990 calls to "lock_rng"
and "unlock_rng" were introduced and are causing hanging on musl as
well as on Darwin.

It looks like the problem is that within this lock/unlock pair the
code calls a function that itself tries
to obtain the same rng lock-- which is where things hang.

Attached is a patch that fixes this problem in a minimally intrusive way,
but is somewhat suboptimal as the same lock will be
obtained/released/obtained/released back-to-back.

I'm unsure why this behavior is not problematic when using glibc,
haven't investigated.

Hopefully this is useful and please let me know if this is incorrect
for some reason.



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Investigated the "why not with glibc" question this morning, appears that the test triggering the hanging behavior (version) happens to not be linked with -pthread and so locking calls do nothing. Manually adding -pthread causes it to hang with glibc as well.

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Thanks for your report.
You are right.
Simply getting the information for "rng-type" through gcry_rndjent_get_version will hang.

And I agree that your patch is the best for a while (simple enough, even sub-optimal); I leave further change to the original author of rndjent.

gniibe changed the task status from Open to Testing.Jun 19 2018, 5:58 AM

Fixed in repo (master and 1.8 branch).

gniibe triaged this task as Normal priority.Jun 19 2018, 5:59 AM