Kleopatra, performance: Use icons as a resource
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QIcon::fromTheme is very slow on Windows as it looks in multiple locations for icons (of different sizes). This can be sped up by using binary resources for the icons.

This is already implemented in KDE: https://github.com/KDE/kiconthemes/blob/master/src/kicontheme.cpp#L48

This would also simplify and speed up the breeze icon theme installation.


Problems here are:

  • The icon theme needs a build tool to generate which is a problem with CMake Crosscompiling.
  • Building natively and then packaging the icontheme.rcc would work
    • The breeze-icons.rcc must be renamed to icontheme.rcc and copied to <instdir>\bin\data
    • index.theme must be in the same place.
  • The GpgOLGui would not find icons from that because it would need to link to kicontheme.
  • The Kleopatra icon in breeze would need to be patched out as we want to use the old icon for kleopatra.