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Add non-interactive --quick-revoke-sig
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I am just migrating our university webmailer from GnuPG 1 to GnuPG 2.
Unter GnuPG 1 I had to call several functions via a Pseudo TTY because these funktions require a dialog with the user and I had to simulate user input to use these functions.
I want both to support newer encryption methods and to get rid of these ugly Pseudo TTYs by migrating to GnuPG 2.
Unfortunately, there is one function I use that still cannot be realized without a dialog: Revoking a signature.
Hence I dare to ask whether you could add a command --quick-revoke-sig the same way you have added --quick-sign-key or --quick-revoke-uid
Thank you very much!



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This seems very special and I'm not sure if we should not say at some point that we won't add quick commands for everything ;-)

Could you please outline your usecase for revoking signatures?
If we understand the use case better the chances are higher that it will be added sooner.

Well, I have already tried to explain the use case: To make using cryptography easier for our users (for most of them the command line is the hell ...) I have integrated GnuPG in our webmailer. The webmailer has a key management page where you can import and export keys (up- and download, import from mail, attach to mail etc.), where you can edit trust settings, and where you can sign other keys and revoke such signatures. The webmailer certainly does not offer all capabilities of GnuPG but certainly a substantial subset.

Of course I can remove the ability of revoking a signature from the webmailer. But this feature rounds up the feature list: You can add or remove a key, you can sign a userid so you should be able to revoke that signature without the need to download the key, delete it from the server, edit the local copy manually and upload it again.

Generally speaking: If a user of my webmailer makes a mistake, he should be able to correct it anyhow.

(And yes, I'd be glad if every GnuPG feature could be used in a non-interactive way; it would make any kind of scripting much easier. But I do not even dare to ask for such a large enhancement. So I only dare to ask for the specific use case I really have.)

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