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gpgsm/ksba removes leading zeros from signature byte array
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Executing this in a loop, fails after a while, never exceeds 10k runs

./build/sm/gpgsm -o somefile.sig --include-certs -1 -sb somefile

openssl cms -verify -in somefile.sig -inform DER -content somefile \
                -CAfile sample.x509.pem -binary -noout

It's openssl that refuses the signature

int_rsa_verify:wrong signature length:../crypto/rsa/rsa_sign.c:132:

Problem does not occur with this hack:

--- a/src/cms.c
+++ b/src/cms.c
@@ -1675,12 +1675,15 @@ ksba_cms_set_sig_val (ksba_cms_t cms, int idx, ksba_const_sexp_t sigval)
       return gpg_error (GPG_ERR_INV_SEXP);

+#if 0
   if (n > 1 && !*s)
     { /* We might have a leading zero due to the way we encode
          MPIs - this zero should not go into the OCTECT STRING.  */

I reported this problem a while back

I also posted the issue on openssl-users,

They refer me to the PKCS#1 RFC, that the leading '0' should be preserved


   S        signature, an octet string of length k, where k is the
            length in octets of the RSA modulus n

I'm not familiar with the internal presentation of data (s-exp) or the multi-precision-library(MPI). But I expected that gpg-agent would strip excess '0' if needed and that libksba just write the number into ASN.1 format without transforming them.

The commit introducing the zero removal above, doesn't tell much why those zeroes have to be removed:;a=commit;h=d93a478116dfcfc813b72340dff9429b8f8859fc

commit d93a478116dfcfc813b72340dff9429b8f8859fc
Refs: debian/V0-2-1-3-gd93a478
Author:     Werner Koch <>
AuthorDate: Wed Mar 13 10:18:54 2002 +0000
Commit:     Werner Koch <>
CommitDate: Wed Mar 13 10:18:54 2002 +0000

    * t-cms-parser.c (one_file): Distinguish between signed and
    eneveloped CMS objects.

    * cms.h (value_tree_s): New and use it for recp_info.
    * cms.c (release_value_tree): New.
    (ksba_cms_release): And use it here.
    (ksba_cms_get_issuer_serial): Use the new recp_list structure and
    take the IDX into account.
    (ksba_cms_get_enc_val): Ditto.
    (ksba_cms_set_sig_val,ksba_cms_set_enc_val): Don't store a leading
    * cms-parser.c (_ksba_cms_parse_enveloped_data_part_1): Handle
    multiple recipients.
    * cms.c (build_signed_data_rest): Write 3 end tags.

I use self-compiled versions when reproducing this problem

$ ./build/sm/gpgsm --version
gpgsm (GnuPG) 2.3.0
libgcrypt 1.9.0-beta86
libksba 1.3.6-beta14

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We also need to fix for encryption and signature in CSR.

Fixed and Testing in libksba master.

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Seems to be fixed now.