UIF (User Interaction Flag) DO support
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In OpenPGP card specification version 3.3, we have UIF DO description.
GnuPG should provide command line interface to change the value of these data objects (one for signing, one for decryption, and one for authentication).

gniibe created this task.Sep 27 2018, 8:30 AM
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Priority is high, because Gnuk Token requires this feature for testing its implementation.

Interaction will be something like this:

$ gpg --card-edit
gpg/card> admin
Admin commands are allowed

gpg/card> uif
usage: uif N [on|off|permanent]
       1 <= N <= 3

gpg/card> uif 1 permanent
gpg/card> uif 2 permanent
gpg/card> uif 3 permanent
gpg/card> quit
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