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Kleopatra: Remove fingerprint / keyid search warning
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<aheinecke> K_F: In Kleopatra there is a warning when searching for keys: "You seem to be searching for a fingerPrint or a key-id. \n Different keyservers expect different ways to search for these.  \n Some require a \"0x\" prefix, while others require there be no such prefix. \n If your search does not yield any results, try removing the 0x prefix from your search."   (And another for "try adding the 0x prefix")
<aheinecke> Is this still true for the hkps pool ?
<K_F> aheinecke: shouldn't be different results since all are 1.1.6 but fingerprint/keyid should always be prefixed for a literal search
<aheinecke> Thanks. Then I'll remove the warning and add the prefix automatically.



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