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Problems with attachment contnuous
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I installed version 3.1.4 and I hoped that flaws with attachment were solved. However, the current version works fine if no attachment or an ASCII attachment is present. If I upload a pdf for example, it will not work.The mail will simply not delivered. No action on the screen visible.

I use Windows 10, 64-bit, version 1803, build 17134.345. Outlock 2016 is used with GpgOL add-on in version 2.3.1.

I would appreciate your support on this matter!




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aheinecke added a subscriber: aheinecke.

Thank you for the feedback. Very strange, that should have been solved indeed and in my tests it works and I also got feedback from other reporters who had that problem with 3.1.3 that it works in 3.1.4.

Could you try in the Options under Debugging if it helps if you check: "Block Outlook during encrypt / sign" ?

If not please enable debugging (use the standard level) and attach the log file here (just place it with drag&drop in the comment area). That would be a huge help.

Thanks for the quick reply!

It seems to be, that it is a question of the size of the attachment. Very small PDF files for testing, could indeed be sent without trouble. Larger attachments (e.g. 661 kB) generate a failure. Such mails are copied into the drafts folder and as error message occurs: "GpgOL can crypto status not present", such a mail will not be transmitted.

If Outlook is disabled in signing / coding process, it will be transmitted. This would be feasible for a work around.

I carried out some logs:

First I sent an e-mail without attachment, no problem at all. Then I added a PDF with 661 kB and the transmission was blocked, see attachment. The same PDF file could be transmitted if I disabled Outlook in signing / coding process.

I hope it will help to find the root cause.

In the log I can see where it uses a non default codepath:

09:51:40/46468/mailitem-events.cpp:Invoke: Message 2395f868 - No GpgOL Message class after encryption. cls is: 'IPM.Note'
09:51:40/46468/mailitem-events.cpp:Invoke: Message 2395f868 - Activating T3656 Workaround

This happens usually if there was crypto in outlook itself selected for the mail. E.g. sign in outlook. I'll try to reproduce your issue with that.

Indeed, I use a S/MIME certificate in Outlook for signing by default all e-mails. However, if I intend to send a PGP mail, I manually disable this feature and I manually opt for PGP signature & encryption. I am sure, that this standard procedure applied in this case. Therefore, I am surprised, that the message appears.

Strange, even if I take that codepath it just works for me. Just to clarify you are also saying that if you enable "Block Outlook during encryption" it works for you? Which would be doubly strange because in your log I can see that the attachment is detected and due to T4131 we currently still always block Outlook when we detect an attachment.

aheinecke lowered the priority of this task from High to Normal.Nov 13 2018, 8:58 AM

I'm lowering the priority as this does not appear to be a general problem. Otherwise more people would have reported it and I can't reproduce it yet.

So for me, sending encrypted attachments by selecting them from disk works fine for attachments. up to ~200k (I haven't tried larger ones).

However, if I try to forward an e-mail with attachments as an encrypted e-mail, the recipient will not get the attachments.

Example: Alice sends an attachment to Bob, as an encrypted e-mail. GPG4Win automatically encrypts.
Bob receives an encrypted e-mail with attachments. Bob forwards the e-mail to Carol. GPG4Win automatically encrypts.
Carol receives an encrypted e-mail without attachments.

Outlook 365 version 1810 build 11011.20074
Windows 10 version 1803 build 17134.407
GpgOL 2.3.1
Gpg4WIN 3.1.4

My problem isn´t linked to forwarding encrypted e-mails and / or attachments. It occurs by ordinary PGP mails WITH attachments which are not ASCII format. Encrypted e-mails without attachmoments or in ASCII format will be delivered.