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Signed (sign-only) messages are blank when read on Android email clients / Outlook online
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Hi there,

I have been using GpgOL to sign all outgoing messages and it has been working great except for one show-stopping issue. Recipients can not read the message content on Android devices, there is a gpgolXXX.dat file attached and the message otherwise has no content. We have tried both the built-in email clients and Outlook for android and the result is the same. The GMail app works but I am not able to enforce it's use by customers and others outside our organization. Apple devices (using default mail app) seem to work fine.

The Outlook web app at is worse off; it does not even show the attachment: just a completely blank email.

Using PGP/Inline works but is not desirable as I require formatting and attachments and the extra text inline is not desirable.

Is there some way to make this work so that recipients can view the contents of my sign-only messages on both their Android devices and in Outlook? I would really hate to give up now.

GpgOL Version 2.3.2, gpg4win 3.1.5


gpg4win 3.1.5

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thanks for the report. We were unaware of the Andorid problem. The Web App issue was already reported similary.

I'm merging this issue in the other report and will try to look at it before the next release so I'll raise the prio of the other issue.