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Paypal account for GnuPG e.V.
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The GnuPG e.V. needs a Paypal account to accept payments from members and donations.

Paypal offers some non profit stuff: which should be applicable to us.

rainer can you please look into this and try to register the GnuPG e.V. as a paypal entity with non-profit status. Please use the Mail address and document any passwords by sending them as encrypted mail to

Please note down the status of this and problems in this issue.

Event Timeline

  1. I'd like to suggest to include a mail alias "".
  1. Who should be mentioned as the resposible person? AFAIU it should someone who is entitled to represent the Verein.
  1. The imprint of shows G10Code GmbH as owner. I'd like to suggest to change this. :-)

The entire paypal system seems to be designed for US burocracy. We will see which questions will be arisen in the next steps of that process. It is surely more than some clicks.

werner lowered the priority of this task from High to Normal.
werner added a subscriber: rainer.