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tar archive encryption failed with japanese characters
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I'm trying to encrypt files with japanese characters e.g 露の難病少女 新潟で.txt. It ends up in encryption failed and reports "input error"
Input error: Error while running C:/Program Files (x86)/GNU/GnuPG/gpgtar.exe:
gpgtar: error stat-ing `?????? ???.txt': The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.

It works fine without archive files with tar.

I'm using:
Version 2.2.0-gitfb4ae3d (2015-11-12)
Using KDE Development Platform 4.13.3

Version 2.3.1

Thanks for advice...

Thanks Regards Danny


Kleopatra 2.2.0; Gpg4win 2.3.1

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aheinecke added a subscriber: aheinecke.

Thank you for the report. Sadly this is a long standing bug that is still not fixed. We hope to address this in a future version.

Thanks for reply and clarification, regards danny