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Enigmail Posteo: Default keys are not accepted for WKD/WKS
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Posteo only accepts keys without a username for WKD / WKS publishing.

Enigmail, by default, does not create such keys. Either the key creation in Enigmail needs to be changed or GnuPG's wks-client should be called and filter / create a new userid on the fly.

Currently Enigmail does not use GnuPG's WKS tools so that older GnuPG versions are also supported.

(btw. same goes for gpgol)

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Enigmail used to use gpg-wks-client. @kai implemented it back then and we had a milestone meeting to show that it works with posteo.

I know, I helped implementing that. Patrick changed it.

An argument could be that Enigmail is currently vulnerable to WKD stalling, Keyring pollution etc. everything that dirmngr protects against.