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Availability of FST-01SZ in Europe
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Recent version of FST-01SZ should be available in Europe, so that it shows it's really reproducible.

This ticket is to collect information for the task.

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gniibe triaged this task as Wishlist priority.Feb 12 2019, 7:51 AM

The metal case, I bought from here (it's expensive CNY3.00, for individuals):

It's called 小胖子 (means: a little fat boy or fat man).
This looks same and cheap (<= CNY1.00):

It is called 'new' or 'version 2' (新款 or 二代 in Chinese), and the feature is tactile.

Some of my terminology: I call "case", "shell", and "board".

I use BBG-SWD (my own tool to flash MCU) for transparency of the process. It's up to you to choice a tool for initial flashing.
Just in case, here are resources to be reproducible.

It's an image for microSD card for BeagleBone Green, and its checksum.

For the pogo-pin test clip to flash, it is available in China.

测试架PCB夹子 仿真测试治具夹具2.54探针单双排下载程序编程烧录 :

测试架PCB 夹子 治具夹具探针下载程序编程烧录夹具: