GPGME Key Generation Error
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Keep getting this error when trying to generate a key, Ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling. After I click OK GPA shuts down and I have to restart it.
I have windows 10 64bit


1.12.1 bata 43
Mike created this task.Feb 14 2019, 5:31 PM
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Which version of gpa is that?

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Okay, this is the latest released version. I now wonder what you mean by version 1.12.1-beta43. This sounds like our current development version of the GPGME library, right? How did you install this software? Is it from Gpg4win or did you build it from source?

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GPGME 1.12.1-beta43 is nowhere near the current master. Current is around 1.12.1-beta130 (or above) and beta 43 would've been months ago, probably early November or late October.

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Jep that was part of Gpg4win as Gpg4win needed features / fixes from that version.

Btw. I'll try to get a new release out this week. In the meantime either downgrade to 3.1.5 or use Kleopatra.