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GpgOL - The lock icon and draft protection
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Please tell me if I'm in the wrong section, I got two questions:

  1. How can I protect my e-mail drafts when using GpgOL in outlook? Everytime I write an email, it is saved decrypted in the drafts folder till I send it. A solution would be to either disable the sync of the drafts folder or get gpgOL to protect them even before I send them. I couldnt find a solution on the internet, tell me if I missed one.
  2. When exactly is the lock displayed next to emails in outlook? It seems random to me, but if the lock appears next to an email for one time, it always does appear next to this email. gpgOL always detects encrypted emails when I click on them, so why isn't the lock being displayed most of the time? What is the criteria? Screenshot of this:

You can see that the lock isnt displayed although the email is encrypted.


gpgOL 2.3.2, GPG4Win 3.1.5

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Regarding 1. That is currently not possible. It is something we should have but which we did not yet implement. I'll move this out into a feature request.

  1. If only we knew why this happens. We are setting the "Message class" in Outlook which controls the icon and sometimes it won't show the icon. Sometimes it does. :-/ T3837