no connection to ui server kleopatra start up error
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on starting kleopatra it popup with a start up test and showing ui server connection "failed"..
can't even encrypt any messages ... how can i fix this errror.


gpg4win 3.1.5
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This can happen e.g. if there is a permission problem in the GNUPG home directory (%APPDATA%\gnupg) e.g. if the file S.Uiserver in there was created once with admin permissions it can not be removed or reused by a kleopatra running as a normal user.

Although you should be able to use Kleopatra to encrypt e.g. in the notepad or with by selecting file-> encrypt in kleopatra. If this does not work there is probably a larger problem.

You might want to try to move away your %APPDATA%\gnupg directory to try again with a fresh setup. Later you could then export your keys from the old home directory and import it to the new one.

from %APPDTA% where should i move the gnupg should i move the file from C to D

im using kleopatra as an admin user.....and why is this happening .....i moved the gnupg file to another location and the ui server issue is still not fixed... plz help

i need to create a new key pair ,because of this error i cant even generate my key...plz help me to find a fix for this....

%APPDATA%\gnupg is a windows variable which expands to something like:


just rename it to something like

Just to be clear: It's ok to use kleopatra as "an admin user" (meaning a user that can get admin rights) but you should never execute Kleopatra with the "Execute as administrator" option of windows.