Mangled Pinentry dialog box
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I'm getting this dialog box on Win7 x64 when entering an insecure passphrase (exactly as expected). The buttons themselves seem to click correctly, but both the message and the strings within the buttons are clearly truncated.

I also keep getting "gpg: AllowSetForegroundWindow(n) failed: Access is denied.", but that happens with any dialog box, so chances are it's a completely unrelated issue.

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2.2.13 (gnupg-w32-2.2.13_20190212.exe)
Kelbom68 changed Version from 2.2.3 (gnupg-w32-2.2.13_20190212.exe) to 2.2.13 (gnupg-w32-2.2.13_20190212.exe).
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thanks for the report. Yes this is a known issue. This pinentry is so basic that it does not have dynamic layout as we don't include GUI libraries in the basic installer. For a better pinentry you can install Gpg4win.
In the future we are thinking about adding a pinentry based on the small "FLTK" toolkit, with dynamic layout.