Gemalto IDBridge CT710 && Pinentry
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I notice that Gemalto IDBridge CT710 Estonia reader works very well for PT BasicCard but not on the lasted GnuPG smartcard V3.3.

What point of the source code should I start my research with?

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log-file /somewhere/scd.log
debug ipc,cardio

into ~/.gnupg/scdaemon.conf and kill scdaemon. Then look at the output. I would suggest to first stop the pcscd so that GnuPG's internal CCID driver will be used. Make also sure that there is no a permission problem with the usb port. In case of a CCID (card reader protocol) problem a


in scdaemon.conf will also be helpful.

Thanks, WK
But before, I have a dumb question-> I need to connect the wires first, isn't it?

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WK you command me to put the file scd.log somewhere.
I am trying to do it on the wires set "F103RB" from ARM (GeeNuke)

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Sorry, I can't parse that. For development question please use gnupg-devel at