Improvement proposal for the trusting process (Beglaubigung)
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Referring to the attached screenshot, the form would support the trusting process much better, if the fingerprint...

  • would be presented in a better readable way (e.g. bigger letters, in an own paragraph with more space around to focus the user on this part of the dialog, or similar)
  • if the fingerprint could be selected and copied to the clipboard, in order to use any compare or search function, e.g. a web browser's one when comparing the fingerprint on a website.

The luxury variant would be to provide the compare functionality in this dialog, i.e. provide an edit field where the user can manually enter the fingerprint to be compared (e.g. during a verification phone call) or copy and paste it from a trusted website.


3.1.8-gpg4win-3.1.10 5.55.0, Gpg4win
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Hi Florian,

we had the same idea. I've just polished this dialog last week. :-)

E.g. Printing the primary user id in the bottom I found fairly useless because that information is already avaliable at the top. And I also removed the annoying "I have checked the fingerprint" check box, and replaced it with an explanation why users should check the fingerprint.

I'll add a screenshot here later so that you can comment.