Kleopatra crashed with an application error (Windows)
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While using Kleopatra to import PGP certificates and trusting them, it suddenly crashed without any further notice - The window disappeared without any error message.
Please see attached the application error entry in the Windows event viewer.


3.1.8-gpg4win-3.1.10 5.55.0, Gpg4win
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Mmh, the error log only tells me that it crashed in our GPGME library. So it is a bug in our software.

I guess you cannot reproduce it?

I'll try to test it by repeatedly importing and certifying.

I don't think I can reproduce it, at least it didn't happen anymore after restarting and continuing the imports. AFAIR it happened after importing the "Master Key", during trying to import the "Release Key" from https://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/keys.html
Ah and maybe one more hint: I have several keypairs, so the dialog for choosing the keypair to be used appears in the next step.

This pretty much matches my test setup. As the crash is in GPGME it is out of Kleopatra's hand. So I'll try to write a test that repeats such a signing for lots of times. I think this is probably some random race condition.