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Fix a dangling pointer in pinentry's qt/main.cpp
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We have found a crash in pinentry-qt with QtCurve using pinentry-1.1.0 in openSUSE Tumbleweed. The steps to reproduce the crash are mentioned in [0]. The root cause is a dangling pointer in qt/main.cpp and the patch that fixes the issue can be found in [1]. I'll attach the patch here.

Not sure if additional checks should be added at this point for argc since it must be greater than zero.



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Adding the patch here.

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thanks for the report. I've commited a different fix 0e2e53c8987d6f236aaef515eb005e8e86397fbc which also should solve the problem.

It would be great if you could confirm that this works because I don't have a setup at hand with which I can reproduce the crash.

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Hi, Andre!

I can confirm that the patch from the referenced commit fixes the issue. Thanks for the quick action!

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@dkg This patch ( rP0e2e53) might also be something for debian as it can cause crashes depending on the qt theme, which is not under our control.

@aheinecke thanks for the heads-up. i'll pull this in.

(edited: woops, i see now that this is part of pinentry, not gpgme. i was confused about where it needed to be applied, but i'll put it in the right place)

I've just uploaded pinentry 1.1.0-3 to debian unstable with this fix in it.