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libassuan.pc missing include dir directive in cflags
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The is missing -I${includedir} in Cflags declaration.

As libassuan includes are in non-default directory building of dependencies that use pkg-config instead of the libassuan-config will fail.

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t8m created this object in space S1 Public.
gniibe triaged this task as Normal priority.Aug 20 2019, 3:37 AM

Thank you. I only tested a configuration where installation of libassuan has same prefix as libgpg-error. That's the reason why this bug exists.

We should add something like: rEaa697dae4c36: gpg-error-config: Determine output at configure time.

Well, gpg-error is special. For other libraries, adding -I and -L is enough and good.
Fixed in master.

gniibe changed the task status from Open to Testing.Dec 6 2019, 5:31 AM

Hi there, this change is very useful on the Homebrew project's upcoming ARM port. The Mac package manager's base library prefix will change from the existing presumed defaults to prevent backwards-incompatibility, making pkg-config compatibility somewhat more important.

As far as I can tell, this has yet to make it into any released version of libgcrypt. Is this change slated for any future releases?