Results from clang analyzer
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Here are some results from clang's static analyzer. Maybe they are worth to have a look:

Bug GroupBug TypeFileFunction/MethodLinePath Length
APIArgument with 'nonnull' attribute passed nullsrc/sysutils.c_gpgrt_setenv1838
Dead storeDead assignmentsrc/estream-printf.cpr_string12071
Logic errorDereference of null pointersrc/argparse.cinitialize2136
Logic errorDereference of null pointersrc/logging.cfun_writer27312
Logic errorDereference of null pointersrc/estream.cdo_list_remove46629
Memory errorMemory leaktests/t-b64.ctest_b64dec_string16212
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Oh, this report is about libgpg-error.

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@stm -- thank you for this!

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I take this so that libgpg-error can be released soon.

For argparse.c, it can be only stopped with nonnull attribute for the API, I suppose.

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