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X.509 certificate request more comfortable
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the PGP certificate generation in Kleopatra works great and it would be terrific if the x.509 key certification was just as smooth. Aren't there providers like CACert that could be used for a simple, well explained and smooth X.509 certification process? For sure for CACert there is a bit of personal effort, but as long as it is well explained and fully supported by the software. But maybe there are other free X.509-certificate providers for email use?
Maybe worth a thought, thanks!
Best regards, J.


Version 3.1.8-gpg4win-3.1.10

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I give this normal priority even if it is a whish because I have the same whish and already have some code around that would make it more comfortable, especially if it is used directly in GpgOL.

e.g. I want to make it so that we might have a default CA and default Properties that can be configured in Organizations. In an Organization it might even be configured that a CSR is automatically sent to a CA with GpgOL.

Hi Andre, did you already get anywhere with this task? Thanks a lot in advance, Joachim

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I am closing this as a duplicate of T6117 even though it is not really a duplicate. But for me it does not make sense to keep this as a different issue because simplifying the dialog is directly related to making it more accessible.