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GpgOL: Mails whose size is more then half of what the Server Limit is are not displayed correctly
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When you have a large Mail e.g. 15MB and sign it, it can be sent.

But when looking at the Mail GpgOL fails to add all the attachments extracted from the signed mime structure because the signed mime structure is still part of the message but hidden and the verified attachments are now also part of the message.

So the Add invocation fails with an exception that the message size exceeds the server limit. GpgOL then receives the "AttachmentRemove" event and even brings up the attachment has been removed warning and the attachments are not all shown.

Prio high as for a user this is indistinguishable from a data loss issue.



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I think we can fix it by removing the smime attachment from OOM, because we still have it in MAPI, we just never cared that it was also in OOM (where only our decrypted attachments belong) because it was hidden.

We now have a decent error message for this.