GnuPG, Kleopatra: Remove Name length limitation for new keys
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Got this as user feedback from a Korean user. In Hangul or Hanja his name is three characters long. But Kleopatra rejects his name.
He was a bit annoyed because he felt that was somewhat discriminating / western biased.

I agree. I'll remove the limitation from Kleo once it is gone in GnuPG.


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The Name field in GnuPG needs to be at least 5 _bytes_ long. Given that UTF-8 is required for Hangul, a 3 _character_ name is at least 6 bytes long and thus passes gpg check. The Name field is also optional and the whole test can be skipped using --allow-freeform-uid.

Thus my guess is that Kleopatra counts characters and not bytes as gpg does.