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Gpg4win: Silent updates
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In 2019 it is state of the art for software to update itself automatically.

This task is a tracking task to enable that for Gpg4win, too.

We have an organizational limitation that we currently rely on parts of our financing by guiding users through the update process and asking them to donate again. This has to be solved. No one is happy with it but we need financing for at least one developer (me) and we currently barely have that.



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After T4747 and T4748 are fixed this needs to be added to the installer, but sending Windowmessages is at least easy for NSIS. From the MSI installer this will be more difficult.

We also have to take into account that there might be multiple instances of the software running in a server environment.

To clarify this for someone other then me:

The /rebootok switch in NSIS triggers a call to a system function adding this to the PendingFileRenameOperations registry key.

Now what happens on multiple updates it will cause the following:
delete gpgex.dll
rename gpgex.dll_2 to gpgex.dll
delete gpgex.dll
rename gpgex.dll_2 to gpgex.dll

OOPs gpgex.dll_2 does not exist anymore because it was already renamed.
-> No gpgex.dll on your system.

Same goes for gpgol.dll