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Release GnuPG 2.2.20
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News for this the 2.2.20 release:

  • Protect the error counter against overflow to guarantee that the tools can't be tricked into returning success after an error.
  • gpg: Make really sure that --verify-files always returns an error.
  • gpg: Fix key listing --with-secret if a pattern is given. [T4061]
  • gpg: Fix detection of certain keys used as default-key. [T4810]
  • gpg: Fix default-key selection when a card is available. [T4850]
  • gpg: Fix key expiration and key usage for keys created with a creation date of zero. [T4670]
  • gpgsm: Fix import of some CR,LF terminated certificates. [T4847]
  • gpg: New options --include-key-block and --auto-key-import to allow encrypted replies after an initial signed message. [T4856]
  • gpg: Allow the use of a fingerprint with --trusted-key. [T4855]
  • gpg: New property "fpr" for use by --export-filter.
  • scdaemon: Disable the pinpad if a KDF DO is used. [T4832]
  • dirmngr: Improve finding OCSP certificates. [T4536]
  • Avoid build problems with LTO or gcc-10. [T4831]

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If you run into build problems on OpenBSD for gpg-wks-server, see T4886 for a required minor fix.