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GpgOL doesn't recognize encrypted mails when opened via external programs
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I use MailStore to archive my emails. The program takes the mails from the outlook database and saves it in another format in a seperate directory (can't give you any technical details how this all works, sorry). MailStore offers a feature to open archived emails again in Outlook to view them. If the email is encrypted, I can't view it anymore because GpgOL does not detect that it is encrypted and instead says it's insecure. This results in emails being unreadable.

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This is not the first report I have gotten about mailstore problems. My suspicion here is that the mail is opened read only or somehow got the wrong properties from mailstore.

Could you please try to save the opened mail to a file and then open that file. Does it decrypt then?

Does it decrypt then?

No, it doesn't.