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libgpg-error/gpgrt lock-obj for big-endian 64-bit MIPS
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Description reports a lock-obj file for 64-bit big-endian MIPS.


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branch dkg/fix-4952 contains this fix in an easily applicable form as 0db8c768843db3e85935b972f1ed9d1b98159c46

If there's no objection to this in a few days, i'll go ahead and merge it to master.

Thank you for your work. Please go ahead.

BTW, I tried to improve the situation by T4774: Cross compilation friendly libgpg-error, so that we won't need headers under syscfg (for each host).
Currently, it should work for GNU/Linux host with build machine having objdump and compatible AWK.

libgpg-error used to be blamed because of this kind of architectural support in earlier stage of building operating system.
T4774 is my try to fix the problem.

gniibe triaged this task as Normal priority.
werner added a subscriber: werner.

Merged. Thanks.